About Me

Hi, I’m Ben.  I grew up in Arizona and now live in Washington State.  I’m in my 30s, married to a magnificent woman, and have three young wonderfully energetic kids.  Our family “homestead” is a 1/3 acre lot in a suburban neighborhood.

I’m amazed by my pioneer ancestors.  Their resourcefulness, frugality, faith, and hard work made them accomplish what must have seemed like an overwhelming task – erk out an existence in the harsh Arizona desert.  My living conditions are relatively posh compared to the living standard only 100 years ago.   With such a contrast in living standards, it makes me wonder…..are the pioneer skills dead now?  The resounding answer is no!  Although it seems harder to find those with the same self reliant skill sets that were essential to those that lived in the past.

It turns out there are still a few smart (… or crazy) people out there that relish in the idea of making their own bread, having their own chickens, or even making their own soap!  These are projects that may not seem essential to know now, but provide what I think is an important link between understanding our heritage, our present consumption, and can provide a degree of future emergency preparedness.  I think that self-sufficiency is a trait that should be cultivated and encouraged to grow, but many times isn’t.

I created this website as a challenge to myself to learn self-sufficient projects.  My goal is to start 1 self-sufficient project for each month of 2013.  I’ll be using this blog to document my experience.  I’m no expert, but plan to share everything I learn.  Through this challenge I hope to inspire you in your own projects.  Please feel free to sign-up for my updates and learn from my mistakes and success.

I’ll also be posting articles about  projects others are doing to be less reliant on others.  Together I hope we can learn a lot.  Lets become anti-reliant…one project at a time.

Feel free to contact me.