Emergency Preparedness — 10 November 2012

The scout motto is “Be Prepared”.  As a boy scout this meant that I should remember my pocket knife when I went on camping trips.  I needed to plan for bad weather and think about what I needed to bring with me in order to make it through difficult situations.

Even with the motto in my mind, I’ve had more than one cold sleepless night in my life.  I guess sometimes it takes more than once to learn a lesson, and some things are just hard to plan for.

The idea of being self sufficient is an important part of being prepared.  When difficulties come are you prepared?

What should we be prepared for?  I’m going to break it down into three categories that I see.

  1. Everyday Life
  2. Personal Difficulties
  3. Apocalypse Destruction

Everyday Life

Survival is an everyday event.  For some, sadly, everyday is a challenge between life and death.  Although we may not find ourselves in this situation, the choices we make everyday lead to the life we live.  The first step to an anti-reliant life is to be able to take care of ourselves during times that aren’t necessarily difficult.  This requires self control, consistency, and drive to succeed.  Specific areas of self reliance in everyday life are:

  • Financial (following budgets, living within our means, getting out of debt, saving for the future, etc…)
  • Health (taking care of our bodies, dieting, exercising, eating good food, etc…)
  • Education (learning about the world we live in, forming an informed decision or stance, learning useful skills, etc…)
  • Spiritual (seek the truth, know what you believe, live what you believe, etc…)

Personal Difficulties

Personal difficulties is a broad category of things that generally aren’t much fun to go through.  This could be during financially stressing times such as a job loss, economic market turn down, accidents, loss of life, etc… Planning in even a small way now can have major impacts when a crisis occurs.  Although help from others is usually kindly regarded, having a reserve of food, supplies, skills, and/or money can bring a piece of mind that is hard to measure.

Apocalypse Destruction

For some reason there is a real or fantastical fear for many of a zombie apocalypse.  I’m not sure where this originated, or why I’m even mentioning it here.  The fact is there are countless fears that a society can have…many of them very possible….that drive people to prepare themselves and their family for the worst.  I’ve been watching the NBC TV show “Revolution” which follows a group of people surviving in a world without electricity or law.  Is this how we are going to end up?  I hope not, but I don’t see how it hurts to prepare for the worst.

So what are your thoughts?  What does being prepared mean to you?



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