How to keep chicken coop water from freezing

Brrrr its cold out there.  The past week we have had cold weather with temperatures dropping well below freezing.  In order to keep the chicken’s water from freezing I am using a heat lamp on a [...]

Net Covering Over Chicken Run

I placed a net covering over the chicken run.  The chickens have been happily jumping over their enclosure to scratch bugs (and other things) on the other side of the fence.  My options were to either [...]

Chicken Watering System

I decided that I wanted to build a chicken watering system using watering nipples for the chickens.  My main reason for doing this is to prevent chicken poo from entering into the water.  If there is [...]

Chicken Roost

The purpose of the roost is to provide a place for your chickens to sleep at night.  They tend to prefer a place high up that they can squat down and close their eyes and rest.  [...]

Chicken Nesting Box Plans

While I was young, my family had some chickens for a short time.  We lived in the middle of the City, so chickens in our backyard was a bit of an anomaly.   I don’t really remember [...]

chicken coop plans free

I just got some chicks so I better start getting a coop put together.  If any of you are like me, the first thing I did was do a search on the internet for free chicken [...]

Things to Consider in the Design of a Chicken Coop

I’ve noticed that my father in law has a lot of talents.  One of them is taking care of chickens.  I’ve been known to brag about his chickens often.  They don’t need any coercion getting in [...]

The Benefits of Aquaponics

Download First off I should probably define exactly what is Aquaponics.  It’s a marriage between hydroponics (growing plants in something other than soil) and aquaculture (growing aquatic animals such as fish).  It consists of plants and [...]