Why I’ve Decided to Remove My Indoor Aquaponics System

As you can see from the title of this post, I’ve decided to remove the indoor Aquaponics system that I have had running for the past 4 months.  For those unfamiliar with my indoor system you [...]

How to get rid of aphids

I have noticed that there were some aphids (garden lice, greenflies) on the plants in my aquaponics system.  I should have done something when there were just a few of them.  I’ve found that they multiply [...]

Starting Up (Cycling) Homemade Aquaponics System

For those of you who have been following along with my aquaponics project, you know that I’ve built an ebb and flow system with a 55 gal barrel, a 32 gal trash can, and a 54 [...]

Cost of my Aquaponics System Setup

Here is a layout of my indoor home aquaponics design. Here is how much it cost me to build the system.  Note that the item numbers correspond to the number on the figure above.  This sure [...]

Bell Siphon

A bell siphon is the magic behind an ebb and flow aquaponics system.  It allows the water to fill the grow bed, then once it is full it quickly drains the bed, and the process starts [...]

Determining the Size of Pump Needed for Aquaponics System

The aquaponics system that I built consists of a sump tank with a pump that pumps water up to the fish tank (for pictures see Project #2 – Aquaponics).  For water quality purposes the recommended exchange [...]

Grow Bed Size vs. Fish Tank Volume

I’ve been doing some research on the aquaponics systems design.  I found some great information and sources that I wanted to share with you.   I’ve found a lot of websites and a few forums about aquaponics [...]

The Benefits of Aquaponics

Download First off I should probably define exactly what is Aquaponics.  It’s a marriage between hydroponics (growing plants in something other than soil) and aquaculture (growing aquatic animals such as fish).  It consists of plants and [...]