Emergency Preparedness

Wild Edibles…say what?

Okay lets try to define this…  Wild edibles are plants that grow naturally in the wild that can be used for food or medicine.  People have been scavenging or gathering these plants that Mother Earth has [...]

How to get the right heat with a Dutch Oven

If your anything like me, then you may have a tendency to burn your wonderfully prepared dutch oven meals.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are some tips on how to get the right [...]

Survival Cooking – What is it?

For lunch I grated some cheese over a tortilla and then zapped it in the microwave for a quick cheesy tortilla quesadilla.  Sometimes I use an electric skillet, but I was feeling lazy.  I sure do [...]

Why Should I Garden?

Once you’ve been hit by the gardening bug, it’s hard to escape it.  You find yourself coming home from work exhausted but still eager to pull hoses, dig, hoe, and pull weeds.  Sounds like a lot [...]

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

The four knots that I use almost exclusively are the square knot, the bowline, the knot to tie my shoes, and on occasion the fisherman’s knot.  The bowline knot is one of the best knots around…in [...]

My Soap Didn’t Turn Out

Okay….it seems that my first attempt at making homemade soap has failed.  Instead of a beautiful hard piece of soap that I can use to lather up, it looks like this: Whats this all about?  It [...]

How to Save Unused Oxygen Absorbers

This is one way to save those unused oxygen absorbers so they won’t be depleted.  Once the packets are open to the air, they will start absorbing the oxygen.  In order to save the packets for [...]

Rotating Shelves for #10 Cans

An important part of food storage is rotation of food.  The older food should be eaten first.  The reason behind a rotating storage is to avoid waste.  Below are some rotating shelves that I built for [...]

Home Storage Centers

This week I went to the Home Storage Center and did some canning for my year supply storage project.  As some may not be aware of what a Home Storage Center is, I thought I would [...]

Long Term Water Storage – How Much?

We all know that water is essential to life.  It’s no wonder that most City’s are situated close to water. Most of us are blessed to be in a situation where little thought is necessary to [...]