Emergency Preparedness

Converting from food volumes to weights

I’ve started going through the process of calculating how much food I need for my family for an entire year.  I’ve been following the process I’ve outlined here: how to make a year’s food supply list.  [...]

Long Term Food Storage List

Food Storage is definitely one of the first things that pops into my head when I think of things I need to do to prepare for an emergency.  I guess that is why I chose to [...]

Be Prepared

The scout motto is “Be Prepared”.  As a boy scout this meant that I should remember my pocket knife when I went on camping trips.  I needed to plan for bad weather and think about what [...]

Sanitizing a Water Tank

I bought some 55 gal drums that we are going to use for water storage.  I went through the exercise of doing a “shock chlorination” in order to sanitize the tanks and kill any bacteria that [...]