Gangsta Garden Graffitti in the City

Ron Finley has a mission of taking unused land space and turning it into a garden.  This isn’t a new concept to those of us that already garden.  We worry about whether to plant pumpkins or [...]

Cucumber Trellis With PVC Pipe

If you have grown cucumbers you know that they require a lot of space because they have long tendrils that like to spread.  Building a trellis allows the plant to grow upward instead of outward.  This [...]

Planting Seed Starts Indoors

Getting seeds started indoors before transplanting them outdoors requires a little bit of forethought, but has the following advantages: The seeds get a good nutrient rich soil to start in. Having the seeds start indoors (or [...]

How to get rid of aphids

I have noticed that there were some aphids (garden lice, greenflies) on the plants in my aquaponics system.  I should have done something when there were just a few of them.  I’ve found that they multiply [...]

Seed Planting Gun

Here is an idea for making your own seed planter.  It is a PVC pipe with a sharpened edge.  The pipe is jabbed into the soil.  A seed is dropped down the pipe, a flapper is [...]

One Way to Transplant a Tomato

It is good to have friends.  Especially friends that like to grow tomatoes from seeds.  In 3 our of the past 4 years we have been given tomato starts to transplant into our garden.  Our friends [...]

Weeds Are Like Bad Breath

Weeds are a little like bad breath.  Every morning they can be expected to show up, and if they aren’t taken care of …it just gets worse.  Weeds steal water, nutrients and sunlight from your garden [...]

Climate Zones For Garden Plants

Our neighbors had a beautiful new house.  It was trendy with a lush southwestern theme.  Adobe house, sparkling pool, a landscape of tall palm trees and exotic cactus.   The only problem was we didn’t live in [...]

Why Should I Garden?

Once you’ve been hit by the gardening bug, it’s hard to escape it.  You find yourself coming home from work exhausted but still eager to pull hoses, dig, hoe, and pull weeds.  Sounds like a lot [...]

Planting Peas

We were actually on the ball this year and got our peas in the garden before the warmer temperature hit.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, so the best time to plant peas is in the [...]