Ghost Sheet Costume

I took a break from sewing a blanket and worked on a Halloween costume this week.  I have a tendency to make my own costumes some years.  The costumes usually end up taking more time than [...]

How to Preserve Cantaloupe

This year we grew a lot of cantaloupe. And as usual everything was ready to come off the vine at about the same time.  This left us with a lot of melons to take try and [...]

Watermelon Fruit Leather

We grew a lot of watermelon in our garden this year.  It was the first time I’ve ever done it, and was pleasantly surprised that the melons actually grew.  They didn’t turn out as large as [...]

Canning Blackberry Jam

We did some canning of the wild balckberries we recently picked.  I’m very happy with the results and it seemed to be a simple enough process that anyone could do with the right equipment. Using three [...]

Why Should I Garden?

Once you’ve been hit by the gardening bug, it’s hard to escape it.  You find yourself coming home from work exhausted but still eager to pull hoses, dig, hoe, and pull weeds.  Sounds like a lot [...]

Hand Made Soap in 5 Steps

One of the main staples in life is soap.  We use soap to wash almost everything from our bodies to our cars. As I started to think about it there is soap almost everywhere.  In our [...]

Old Soap Recipes

Here are some soap recipes that I found from the Household Cyclopedia of 1881.  Boy that was a long time ago. Soaps Hard soaps are made by boiling oils or fats with a lye of caustic [...]

Wooden Rocking Horse Plans

Here is a project that I found to be a lot of fun to build.  My grandpa use to make a lot of these, and I remember playing on them when I was younger. There are [...]

Long Term Food Storage List

Food Storage is definitely one of the first things that pops into my head when I think of things I need to do to prepare for an emergency.  I guess that is why I chose to [...]

how to make built in shelves

Shelves are essential for an organized storage space.  One option is to use store bought shelving, and another option is to build it yourself. I have a little shop area in my garage that I had [...]