Homestead DIY

My First Homemade Denim Quilt

Well folks the quilt is finished.  I must say that I am pretty proud of my accomplishment, but it is one of the UGLIEST quilts I have seen in my life.  However, it is also one [...]

Ghost Sheet Costume

I took a break from sewing a blanket and worked on a Halloween costume this week.  I have a tendency to make my own costumes some years.  The costumes usually end up taking more time than [...]

Homemade Quilts

With the weather starting to cool off I decided to do an anti-reliant project this month that would keep me warm.  Making a homemade blanket seems like a good idea, so I’m going to give it [...]

Seed Planting Gun

Here is an idea for making your own seed planter.  It is a PVC pipe with a sharpened edge.  The pipe is jabbed into the soil.  A seed is dropped down the pipe, a flapper is [...]

chicken coop plans free

I just got some chicks so I better start getting a coop put together.  If any of you are like me, the first thing I did was do a search on the internet for free chicken [...]

Things to Consider in the Design of a Chicken Coop

I’ve noticed that my father in law has a lot of talents.  One of them is taking care of chickens.  I’ve been known to brag about his chickens often.  They don’t need any coercion getting in [...]

Hand Made Soap in 5 Steps

One of the main staples in life is soap.  We use soap to wash almost everything from our bodies to our cars. As I started to think about it there is soap almost everywhere.  In our [...]

Old Soap Recipes

Here are some soap recipes that I found from the Household Cyclopedia of 1881.  Boy that was a long time ago. Soaps Hard soaps are made by boiling oils or fats with a lye of caustic [...]

Rotating Shelves for #10 Cans

An important part of food storage is rotation of food.  The older food should be eaten first.  The reason behind a rotating storage is to avoid waste.  Below are some rotating shelves that I built for [...]

Wooden Rocking Horse Plans

Here is a project that I found to be a lot of fun to build.  My grandpa use to make a lot of these, and I remember playing on them when I was younger. There are [...]