Solar Energy

12v Solar Charger

A charge controller is used in a solar panel setup to control or regulate voltage (and/or amperes) to a battery.  It prevents batteries from overcharging.  12 volt is a common size controller and can be found [...]

Solar Panel Wiring

Whether you are making your own solar panel or not, it is important to understand the fundamentals of solar panel wiring.  A solar panel is made up of multiple solar cells that are connected using wire [...]

Solar Cell Wiring

Solar cells are the individual pieces that make up a solar panel.  Although the pieces or cells are manufactured into different sizes, a common size is 3-inch x 6-inch.  If you are considering building a solar [...]

Common Electrical Formulas

Common electrical units are Power (P), Current (C), Voltage (E), and Resistance (R).  Here is how these are measured and what they mean. Power A watt is a unit of electrical power or energy.  A single [...]