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I just got some chicks so I better start getting a coop put together.  If any of you are like me, the first thing I did was do a search on the internet for free chicken coop plans.  There are a lot of sites that will give you plans in exchange for a small fee.  There are however, a few that I have found that do give some free plans.  Plans and pictures are great because they can spur inspiration to build your own.

Of coarse there are pre-build or kits that can be purchased.  These are much easier to get started, and are sure to look nice.  For me, they weren’t really an option.  They are just too expensive.  Plus, I wanted to incorporate some of my design tips into my final design.

$1,700 pre-build chicken coop

$1,700 pre-build chicken coop

The best site that I have found for free plans is This site has lots of pictures of coops and are categorized by small, medium, large, or tractor.  I looked at the small coop designs and found some great ideas here.

So without further adieu here is my preliminary chicken coop design:

The coop footprint is 7 ft x 8 ft.  The actual coop part is only 7 ft x 4 ft.  The other half is a shed that I will use to store yard and garden supplies.  My shed blew down in the wind a couple of years ago, so this seemed to be a good time to build a new one.  There will also be storage space below the coop.  I have the coop raised 3 feet off the ground.  This will allow me to store chicken feed down below (in a rodent free container).

The roof is sloped to be 8 feet in the front and 7 feet high in the back.  I chose the dimensions to allow the coop to be erected easily with 4ft x 8 ft OSB boards.

I plan to make an opening in the storage shed area to easily get the eggs from the next box.  There is a planned door in the front and back of the coop to allow cleaning and supplying food and water.

An opening on the right side will allow the chickens to walk down a latter to the run.  I haven’t designed the run yet, but I expect it will be an enclosed area about 7 ft x 10 ft.

My coop is planned for only 3 chickens, so at 9 SF/chicken there should be lots of room.  Is this too much room?  ….Maybe I just need about 12 chickens.

I estimate the cost to build this coop design is about $350 in materials.

So what do you think?  Has this helped you come up with a design of your own?  Any suggestions on my preliminary design?

To keep up to date with the latest developments with my chicks, visit my project page here.




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  1. Looks like a solid plan to me.

  2. Thanks Cliff! I hope your coop is coming along well also. It would be great to see some pictures once it is up.

  3. Thanks. I plan on posting my coop on Chicken Forum and/or Backyard Chickens. I’ve gotten most of the frame work done and hopefully I’ll be able to start painting it this weekend before I put the coops in and the roof on. I think it will make getting around it easier it so it will be easier to paint.

  4. I posted some pictures of my progress on your Facebook page

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