Emergency Preparedness — 06 January 2013

I’ve started going through the process of calculating how much food I need for my family for an entire year.  I’ve been following the process I’ve outlined here: how to make a year’s food supply list.  This requires converting volume measurements to weight measurements.  For example, it will be easier to keep track of how many lbs of rice I need instead of how many cups of rice I need.  This should also make keeping track of how many packages I need in the food supply. converting_volume_to_weight

Here is a list of conversions that I’ve found to be useful:

1cup =16tbs
1cup =8fl oz.
1Tbsp =3tsp
1oz =28.35grams
1package of yeast =2.25tsp
1lb =16oz
1lb =453.59grams
1quart =32fl oz.
1quart =4cups
1egg =0.13lb
1cup ham =6oz =0.38lb
1cup broccoli =91grams =0.20lb
1onion (medium) =8oz =0.50lb
1cup corn =0.57lbs
1bell pepper =126.4grams =0.28lb
1cup green beans =5.5oz =0.34lb
1cup peas =170grams =0.37lb
1potato (medium) =6.5oz =0.41lb
1cup dehydrated banana =0.53lb
1apple =68grams =0.15lb
1cup rolled oats =0.21lb
1cup cold cereal =140grams =0.31lb
1box mac 'n cheese =7.25oz =0.45lb
1cup rice =6.5oz =0.41lb
1cup of flour =125grams =0.28lb
1can cream of chicken soup =10.75oz =0.67lb
1can tomato soup =10.75oz =0.67lb
1can cream of celery =10.75oz =0.67lb
1can chicken noodle soup =10.75oz =0.67lb
1can chicken broth =10.5oz =0.66lb
1concentrate juice can =2quarts =8cups
1serving of hot chocolate =3tbs =0.08lb
1cup of concentrate tang =1lb
1cup of baking powder =0.51lbs
1tsp minced garlic =0.18oz =0.01lbs
1tbsp garlic powder =0.32oz
1tsp garlic powder =0.11oz
1tsp cream of tartar =4grams =0.14oz
1tbsp chili powder =0.25oz
1tbsp ground ginger =0.20oz
1cup sugar granulated =8oz =0.50lb
1cup sugar brown (lightly packed) =5.33oz =0.33lb
1cup sugar brown (densly packed) =8.0oz =0.50lb
1tbsp salt =0.67oz =0.04lb
1tbsp pepper ground =0.25oz =0.02lb
1tsp onion powder =2.4grams =0.08oz
1cup vegetable oil =8fl. oz =0.50lb

Here are some other websites that may help you do some of the converting:




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