Aquaponics — 09 March 2013

Here is a layout of my indoor home aquaponics design.

Indoor Home Aquaponics System

Indoor Home Aquaponics System

Here is how much it cost me to build the system.  Note that the item numbers correspond to the number on the figure above.  This sure was fun to build.  I would love to hear any improvements to the design that you have to offer.

ItemDescriptionQuantityUnitUnit PriceTotal Price
1Fish Tank$20.00
55-gal plastic barrel (used)1EA$20.00$20.00
315 gph submersible pump1EA$32.99$32.99
10' feet of 1/2" ID tubing1EA$4.38$4.38
3Fish Tank Stand$0.00
Made from scrap wood1EA$0.00$0.00
4Fish Tank Outlet Pipe$15.94
1/2" Sch 40 PVC Pipe - 10' long1EA$1.68$1.68
1/2" pvc cap3EA$0.29$0.87
1/2" PVC 90-degree elbow4EA$0.18$0.72
1/2" PVC tee2EA$0.35$0.70
1/2" bulkhead fitting1EA$11.97$11.97
3/4" Sch 40 PVC pipe (included in price of overflow pipe)
3/4" PVC 90-degree elbow2EA$0.22$0.44
1.5" x 3/4" PVC reducer1EA$0.59$0.59
3/4" bulkhead fitting1EA$11.97$11.97
3/4" Thread x SOC adaptor3EA$0.46$1.38
3" 3000 lb strength PVC pipe - 10' long1EA$8.59$8.59
3" PVC Cap1EA$2.52$2.52
4" 300 lb strength PVC pipe - 10' long1EA$11.56$11.56
4" PVC Cap1EA$3.56$3.56
6Grow Bed$19.97
54 gal plastic storage tote1EA$19.97$19.97
Washed River Rock1LS$0.00$0.00
35 gal plastic trash can1EA13.99$13.99
3/4" Sch 40 PVC Pipe - 10' long1EA2.18$2.18
3/4" PVC 90-degree elbow2EA0.22$0.44
3/4" PVC male thread x soc adaptor2EA0.66$1.32
3/4" PVC female thread x soc adaptor2EA0.72$1.44
Polyurethene washer2EA1.84$3.68
8.3% tax$13.03


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