Gardening — 10 July 2013

If you have grown cucumbers you know that they require a lot of space because they have long tendrils that like to spread.  Building a trellis allows the plant to grow upward instead of outward.  This helps save precious grow space in the garden.

There are many ways to build a trellis for cucumbers.  This trellis is build from PVC pipe with snap-on fittings.

Cucumber Trellis

Cucumber Trellis

PVC Snap-on Fitting

PVC Snap-on Fitting

It is build by extending PVC pipe vertically from the ground up to about 4-ft (or higher) off the ground on all four sides.  Snap-on PVC tee fittings are then put on to form the latter rungs on each of the sides.  The advantage of the snap-on fittings is that it allows the support vertical pipes to go from top to bottom without being cut.

The cucumber vines will need a little bit of help by you to wrap around the PVC pipe.  If you live in a windy area it is also important to put in a support to hold the trellis in place.  This can be done with a metal stake attached to one leg of the trellis (see picture).

One of the advantages of this PVC trellis is that it can be stored easily at the end of the season.  The entire trellis can be folded flat, or taken apart to store in the winter.




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