Gardening — 02 March 2014

Ron Finley has a mission of taking unused land space and turning it into a garden.  This isn’t a new concept to those of us that already garden.  We worry about whether to plant pumpkins or not because of the space they take up.  What Ron is trying to accomplish is to take the farmer mentality into the City.

His idea got started by planting a garden in the landscape between the street curb and the sidewalk in South Central Los Angeles.  Overwhelmed by the declining health and barren concrete landscape he decided to make a change.  What he coined as “gangsta gardening”, he envisions whole neighborhoods working together to work on their own garden.  ”

Growing Food is like printing your own money



He envisions whole neighborhood where it is “cool” to be AntiReliant.  Where even the gangsters are versed in nutrition, and trade their guns in for shovels as their weapons of choice.  You can see Ron’s TED talk here:



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