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I took a break from sewing a blanket and worked on a Halloween costume this week.  I have a tendency to make my own costumes some years.  The costumes usually end up taking more time than I thought they would, and often don’t come out looking as good as I had envisioned in my head.  This year the kids wanted to be ghosts, so I thought I would be able to tackle this job without too much anxiety.   I was just about ready to throw a white sheet over their head and call it good, but my lovely wife thought I should rethink that…so I did.

Here is my first attempt at making a Halloween Ghost Sheet Costume.  I hope they don’t scare you too much.

Our Three Ghosts

Our Three Ghosts

We bought a twin and a double size bed sheets from a local thrift store to make the costume.  This was more than enough for our three little helpers.  This picture below will illustrate how we cut the sheet to size.

Sheet GhostWe measured the length from their shoulders to their ankles (call this y-inches).  Then with their arms outstretched we measured from wrist to writs (call this x-inches).  So with these measurements, we cut a rectangle our of the bed sheet that was x-inches wide by 2y-inches long.  By cutting a little slit in the center of the rectangle their head could fit through and the sheet would drape over them like a rain poncho.

We ran the edges along the sides of the costume through the sewing machine (see the dotted lines).

For the mask we cut out the following shape and sewed the edges to make a bag.


We cut holes out for their eyes and traced around the eye hole with a black marker for a spooky effect.

We got a lot of comments that they look like Klansmen, so we decided to change the costume

My smart wife then suggested that perhaps a hood would be better than a mask.  After my blank stare she pushed me aside and took over the sewing machine.  She did a great job on the hoods, and making a few other modifications.  I think the kids will actually be able to see where they walk now.  Oh, and they will be able to breath too.  🙂

Here is is what the hood looks like.

2013-10-27_14-18-23_3952013-10-27_14-18-40_422Here is how the costumes finally turned out:

2013-10-29_17-44-19_419I hope this gives you some ideas for your next Halloween project!



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