Chickens — 27 November 2013

Brrrr its cold out there.  The past week we have had cold weather with temperatures dropping well below freezing.  In order to keep the chicken’s water from freezing I am using a heat lamp on a temperature switch.  Here is a hand drawing that hopefully helps make some sense of what I’m talking about.

I use a 3-gallon aluminum chicken waterer that hangs from the roof of the coop with a chain.  I also hang the heat lamp from the roof of the coop with a chain.  I plug the power cord from the heat lamp into a temperature switch that I bought on Amazon.



Temperature Switch

(Note: The image is an Amazon affiliate link)

The switch turns the heat lamp on when the temperature drops to 35 °F.  When the temperature rises above 45 °F the switch turns the heat lamp off.  The temperature switch allows you to have the heat lamp on only when it’s needed (freezing temperatures).

I’ve been using this setup for a couple of weeks now, and its been working great.  It has prevented the water from turning to ice.  Since the switch turns off when the temperature warms up, it saves me electricity.

This sure beats going out and changing the water every day.  The chickens are still laying eggs so I must be doing something right!



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