Emergency Preparedness — 28 January 2013

This is one way to save those unused oxygen absorbers so they won’t be depleted.  Once the packets are open to the air, they will start absorbing the oxygen.  In order to save the packets for future use, they need to be packed in a place with no (or little) oxygen.  A vacuum sealed bag would work great also.

I don’t have a vacuum sealer, so I used a jar with rice.  The rice is used to fill up as much of the air space as possible.  I suppose many other types of material besides rice would work just as well.

The idea is to get rid of as much air space as possible.  Once the canning lid is tightened down, the absorbers will create a small vacuum.  With the lid sealed shut, there won’t be anymore oxygen for the absorbers to use.

How to tell if Oxygen Absorbers are still good

The oxygen absorber packets are full of powder.  When the packet is new, it can be bent easily.  You should be able to tell that the packet is full of a loose iron oxide powder.  Once the powder has been spent, the packet will be a hard disk.  It will be difficult to bend, and won’t feel like a loose powder anymore.



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