Emergency Preparedness — 13 April 2013

The four knots that I use almost exclusively are the square knot, the bowline, the knot to tie my shoes, and on occasion the fisherman’s knot.  The bowline knot is one of the best knots around…in my humble opinion. It is relatively easy to tie, and here is the important part, the knot does not slip.  I’ve found that this comes in handy when I use a rope for lifting or dragging.

Here is how to tie the bowline

Bowline Knot

Bowline Knot

Make a loop as shown in shown above in “a”.  The small loop is the rabbits hole.  The rope pointing straight up in “a” above is the tree.

The rabbit goes up the hole, around the tree, then back down the hole.

Pull it tight, and you should have a large loop “b” that does not slip.

Here is a pretty slick video of someone tying a bowline around his waist.

Happy knot tying!



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