Chickens — 21 September 2013

I placed a net covering over the chicken run.  The chickens have been happily jumping over their enclosure to scratch bugs (and other things) on the other side of the fence.  My options were to either build the fence higher, totally enclose the top of the chicken run, or clip the chicken’s wings (so they can’t fly).  I opted to enclose the chicken run with a netting.  Here are some pictures explaining how I did it.

I used “deer netting” to enclose the top.  I was able to find this for about $18 at Lowes.  It looks like it is also available on Amazon.

Here is a picture of the chicken run.  The chicken run is bordered by the chicken coop on one side, chicken wire fence on another, a wooden fence on another, and a chain link fence on the last side.  There are two pine trees that grow in the chicken run.  these worked out great to be able to hold the netting up in the middle.

The Chicken Run

The Chicken Run

I used an old piece of composite decking (regular wood could have worked also) to hold the netting up over the middle of the chicken run.

Composite decking tied to the pine tree.

Composite decking tied to the pine tree.

I ended up tying the composite decking to the tree.  Notice, I left it a little loose.  The tree had a knot at the right height that allowed the rope to be tied around and held into place.  I drilled a hole in the decking to hold it in place with some rope.  This decking became the “rafter” for the chicken run.

Once the rafter was tied to both trees, then I draped the netting over it.  Since the netting came in 7 foot wide strips, I had to used three strips to totally enclose the chicken run.


Batten Strip Over the Netting

I nailed a wooden railing on the top of the chicken wire fence.  This allowed me to staple the netting to the railing and hold it in place.  I noticed that in some places the net was being ripped out of the staple, so I added a batten strip.  This helped to hold the netting in place.  Here is another picture of it.


For the wooden fence side, I simply used a staple gun to hold the netting in place.

The chain link fence required a little creativity.  I ended up stapling the netting to some pieces of 2″x2″ wood (old deck railing).  I then used zip ties to hold the wood to the fence.

Zip Ties Connected to the Chain Link Fence

Zip Ties Connected to the Chain Link Fence

I also used zip ties to connect netting together.

I had to cut some of the netting to fit around the tree trunks.  I simply cut the netting, wrapped the net around the trunk, and then rejoined it with zip ties.

I’m pretty happy with the results, and there haven’t been any more chickens escaping!




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  1. We have a nice sized run for the chickens, but I want to put a netting of some type over the top to keep out overhead preditors. I ve used the lightweight bird netting or deer netting from Lowe s before but on my latest coop, we went all out and put up chickenwire.

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