Gardening — 06 March 2013
We were actually on the ball this year and got our peas in the garden before the warmer temperature hit.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, so the best time to plant peas is in the area is early spring.  They grow well in cooler temperature, and when the heat arrives (above about 75-degrees F) we have noticed that the plants will soon wilt and if they mature too much the taste quality of the peas diminishes.

Peas in a bag

We got the peas from a local store here called Farmers Exchange.  They had a variety of seeds that they sell in bulk by weight.  We got two different kinds of peas this year.  They were “little marvel” and “green arrow”.  Both of these type are shelling peas, meaning you eat the pea and not the pod. Some people like to soak the seeds overnight, but we were so excited we started planting them as soon as we got back from buying them at the store.Eating fresh peas from the pod is a treat our kids look forward to, so they were happy to help with the planting.The process for planing peas is fairly simple.  Here is what we did.

First we dug up the soil with a shovel.  This helps loosen up the soil.  I like to use a rake to level the ground and remove any weeds, leaves, or other stuff on the top layer of soil after its been dug up.
Next we stretched a string across our row to be planted.  This isn’t a necessary step, but it helped us to stay on a straight line when planting.  I pounded in a stick on both ends of the row to hold the string taunt.  Once the peas start coming up, I’ll remove the string.
The peas were planted about 1/2 to 1-inch deep and they were spaced about 2-inches apart.  We made the holes for the seeds by poking it with our fingers, sticks, or with the handle end of a hoe.  We dropped a seed in each hole, then covered the hole with soil.
Once we were finished with one row, we moved to the next.  This year we planted four rows.  Here is what it looked like.
2013-03-02_14-21-04_874Not much to see yet, but we hope it will soon be full of plants with delicious green nugget peas.
So have you planted your peas yet?


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