Project # 10 – Homemade Denim Blanket

The anti-reliant project that my family and I are attempting this month (October) is to make a homemade denim blanket.  Besides being really useful for the coming winter, I think this will be a good project to help teach us to live a little more frugally (an important tool for the AntiReliant master).

I can’t think of anything more frugal than making your own bed sheets from chicken feed sacks.  That is exactly what my grandma did when she was a young girl.  Instead of feed sacks, I plan to revitalize old jeans into a useful warm blanket.  You can read more about my plans (and feed sacks) here: Homemade quilts.

I ended up with enough old jeans to make a blanket 6 ft long by 6 ft wide.  Although it is probably one of the ugliest quilts I have ever seen, it is definitely the one I am most proud of.  It is also probably the warmest blanket I now own.  You can see pictures of it and see how I made it here: My First Homemade Denim Quilt.