Project #6 – Survival Cooking

June 29, 2013 – Outdoor Cooking

We had an old barbeque grill that I decided to use for some dutch oven cooking.  I dug a hole and placed the grill in the hole.  This allows me to put charcoal (or build a fire) in the pit.  By closing the lid on the old grill, the rain and irrigation are kept out as well.  Here are some pictures of my outdoor cooking pit.  It may not be the prettiest, but it is functional.

I tried my hand at cooking with our aluminum dutch oven.  I made some apple cobler.  I wish I could say that it turned out tasting great, but it didn’t.  I ended up burning the meal, and had a hard time chocking it down.  It was a disaster.  I did some reasearch and I now know how to get the temperature correct, so I should be good.  Before you do your dutch oven meal, make sure you read this:

How to Get the Right Heat with a Dutch Oven

Maybe your meal will come out looking good instead of looking like this:


June 6, 2013 – What is Survival Cooking?

After seeing and hearing the destruction from the latest tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma,  I have been thinking about some of the things I need to prepare my family for.  When power goes out, are we ready to cook without electricity?

I’ve written a post here to discuss this and a list of alternative techniques and ways to cook.

Survival Cooking – What is it?