Gardening Homestead DIY — 23 May 2013

Here is an idea for making your own seed planter.  It is a PVC pipe with a sharpened edge.  The pipe is jabbed into the soil.  A seed is dropped down the pipe, a flapper is opened, and out pops the seed.  The idea behind this contraption is to save yourself from a sore back from bending over to put the seeds in the soil.

The images and tutorial are from ThinMan’s blog.

PVC Planter

The funnel is to help the seed drop down the PVC pipe.  The 2-inch PVC pipe next to the funnel is to hold your seeds.  It is build so that you grab a seed from the 2-inch PVC pipe, drop it down the funnel, squeeze the handle, and the seed is released into the ground.

Where the seed is released

I’ve used a stick to make the hole to drop a seed in, but nothing like this.  This seems like it might be more trouble to build than it is worth.

How about you?  Ever used something like this?  Did it save time and effort?



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