For lunch I grated some cheese over a tortilla and then zapped it in the microwave for a quick cheesy tortilla quesadilla.  Sometimes I use an electric skillet, but I was feeling lazy.  I sure do love electricity.  Among other things it allows me to cook very easily – a twist of a knob or a push of a button.  I know exactly what temperature the oven is set to, and what time the food needs to come out.  All I have to do is put some oven mitts on and pull the food out.

In the past few weeks tornadoes have ripped through Oklahoma; causing damage, loss of life, and loss of power to homes.  With the news of the disaster, I’ve taken a moment to pause and reflect on life.  I’ve also thought my family’s preparation for a disaster such as this.  I admit we would be in trouble.  Would you be able to live without electricity for a few hours?  How about a few days?  A few weeks?

When my little helpers get hungry how are we going to cook their food?  Sure we could have peanut butter and honey sandwiches for a while, but we would want something more substantial.  There isn’t anything like a nice piping hot casserole to fill your belly.

I’ve decided that I need to do some more research and planning to provide a means for cooking food during times of disaster – Survival cooking.


Here is a preliminary list of survival cooking techniques.

  • Candle cooking
  • Canned heat
  • Charcoal
  • Newspaper logs
  • Propane




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