Homelife Homestead DIY — 11 January 2013

Here is a project that I found to be a lot of fun to build.  My grandpa use to make a lot of these, and I remember playing on them when I was younger.

There are quite a number of ways to build a wooden rocking horse yourself.  You may already have all the pieces you need lying around.  Most of the pieces that I used to build this rocking horse were from scraps that I already had.  Even the paint was left over from an old project, and I think it suits it just fine.

Wooden Rocking Horse Plans

Wooden Rocking Horse

Below are the dimensions of the rocking horse (click on each image to expand).  Or if you would like to download a PDF of the document it can be found here.

At the time I built this, I didn’t have a scrap piece large enough for the entire body and head, so they are two different pieces.  I added an additional support on both sides of the “neck” to help tie the head and body together.

I haven’t seen a kid yet that doesn’t like to ride a rocking horse.

I hope this give you some ideas for your own rocking horse project.




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  1. Ben,
    Did you know your grandpa Haws built quite a few wooden horses when he was a young father? A few of them were still around many years later. I am sure he is up there enjoying the “genes” he passed along.


  2. Thanks mate, this is a great starting point for a RH project. there’s alot of crazy hard designs out there, and i was glad to come across yours. havn’t found a dowel screw yet though, have to sort something else out.


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